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​How Do I Place An Order?


Click the product you want to buy or the "Buy Now" button. It will direct you to our Amazon Site. Once you are on the product listing, there is a button to "Add to cart". When it is added into your cart, just proceed to checkout.


What is the Shipping process?


We usually deliver package via two day shipping. Changes in shipping depends on the availability and on the courier.

Does the product comes with fuel? If not what fuel is recommended to be used with this torch?

No, the product comes without gas, for safety reasons we supply the product without gas. 

The recommended gas is the LIGHTER BUTANE REFILL of brands such as Zippo or Ronson, you can find them on Amazon.


Where do I get the ebook?

Your e-book will be sent to you right when your order will be shipped to you. 
If you don't see any email from us please let us know 

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes! We offer 90 days money back guarantee to all Jo Chef Customers. And 12 months warranty to all VIP club members who purchased our products

I want to join the VIP club is there a fee? Is it for everyone?

We offer exclusive discounts and freebies to our VIP club members. Joining JoChef VIP club is 100% FREE! Click here to join. Yes it is for everyone

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