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  • Refillable Butane Torch With Safety Lock

  • Adjustable Flame

  • Culinary Torch for Creme Brûlée, Cooking Food, Baking, BBQ, Searing meat & More

  • Free Recipe E-book

Price: $ 26.99

Unparalleled safety!

When it comes to working in the kitchen, safety is key. That’s why we put our culinary torch through rigorous 3rd-party testing to ensure it meets industry standard safety guidelines. 
Our refillable butane kitchen torch comes equipped with a safety lock and a flame adjuster, allowing for optimal precision and control. 
And for added safety and reassurance, our torches always ship without gas!

True Versatility!

While crème brulee and seared salmon might not be on the menu every night, there are plenty of ways in which the JoChef torch can be used around the house. From soldering to DIY projects, 
our torch serves a variety of needs! And if you’d rather keep your torch in the kitchen, you can use it to experiment with new and exciting recipes, 
or even have an indoor s’mores night with the kids!

Guaranteed to impress your palate, or your money back!

It can be hard to tell if you’re going to love a product just by looking at it, so we want you to give our culinary torch a try! Incorporate it into your food routine for 90 days, 
and if you decide that it’s simply not what you’re looking for, you can send it back for a full refund.

  • BE THE MASTER CHEF OF YOUR OWN KITCHEN – Take your kitchen to the next level with the JoChef Professional Culinary Torch! With adjustable flame temperatures up to 2,370°F., you can sear meats, brown brulees, and roast peppers to perfection. The menu options are endless!

  • SAFE FOR EVEN A CULINARY NOVICE –Complete with multiple safety locks and an adjustable flame function, the JoChef torch allows you to set fire to your culinary aspirations while maintaining a safe and clean kitchen.

  • MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER KITCHEN UTENSIL – While you’ll no doubt be using your culinary torch to create mesmerizing meals, you can also use it on things outside of the kitchen! It’s the perfect tool for welding small plastics, perfectly processing jewelry, or other DIY projects around the house. And once you’re done whipping up a Michelin-quality meal, you can sit back, relax, and use the torch to light one of your favorite cigars or candles.

  • TURN UP THE HEAT ON YOUR GIFT-GIVING – Once you discover the difference our culinary torch can make in the kitchen, you’ll want to share it with all of your friends and family! We don’t flame you – in fact, we encourage it! Your torch arrives in a deluxe gift box, so there’s no need for wrapping. Whether you are celebrating the marriage of close friends, or welcoming a family member to their new home, the JoChef Torch is sure to be a memorable and appreciated gift for many meals to come.

  • ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE - FREE 23 Recipe eBook and a 90-day money back guarantee. So, go ahead - give our torch a try! If you don’t absolutely love it, we will gladly refund your purchase. No questions asked.


"Just what I needed for my kitchen. Right size not bulky."

Bryan H.

"It’s a solid feeling torch that I look forward to using on so many different things"

Charles F.

"I ordered this item coz I am a dessert maker for a restaurant. This is perfect and easy to use. I am very satisfied!"

Mary E.

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