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Jo Chef Professional Handheld Smoke Gun

  • Cold Smoker

  • Vacuum Function

  • USB Smoking Gun Food Smoker

  • Wood Chips Included

  • Ideal Gift for Chefs and Mixologists 

  • Use for Sous Vide, Cocktails

  • Free Recipe E-book!

  • Free Applewood chips and Steel tweezers

Price: $ 97.18 

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Professional Smoke Gun and Vacuum Sealer - The Secret Weapon for an Epic Dinner Party!

Smoking is now one of the hottest trends in the food industry. Adding a deep smoky flavor to your homemade dishes takes your dinner party to a whole new level. Just be sure to hide the

smoking gun before the guests come in, so they can’t figure out your smoky little secret.

Time to Tempt your Taste Buds.


Effortlessly infuse meats, cheeses, dips, sauces, and cocktails with an authentic smoky flavor. Use the vacuum function to then seal and preserve your smoked meats, cheese, or vegan dishes.


➤ Perfect Smoke Chamber – Light the wood chips (Included) inside the uniquely designed burn chamber and that’s it. No need for a giant smoking machine, this mini smoking gun does it all.


➤ USB Rechargeable – No need to buy batteries. Simply plug and charge your new smoke gun. Once charged it can last for HOURS!


➤ Highest Quality Design – All the connections are made of durable aluminum, and the hose is industrial grade silicone rubber.


➤ Vacuum Seal Function - Compatible with wine stoppers, vacuum containers, or Ziplock bags. Perfect for sous vide cooking or preserving food.


Authentic Vegan Cooking


If you are a vegan that misses the flavor of meat, you can use this small smoking machine. Smoking your food gives vegetarian dishes a meaty, smoky flavor without the meat! Try smoking

Tofu or eggplant for an edgy, tantalizing flavor.

  • SERIOUS SMOKER FOR CHEFS AND MIXOLOGISTS– Bring that classic smokehouse flavor to your kitchen! Our food smoker gun has 3 Smoke Levels, worthy of 3 Michelin stars. While the large Smoke Chamber holds the perfect amount of wood chips for smoking.

  • VACUUM SEALER MACHINE and SMOKER KIT – Preserve your food for optimal freshness! Use the Vacuum power function with wine stoppers, vacuum containers, sous-vide, or Ziplock bags. Then in true MasterChef style –finish the dish with the JoChef smoke gun infuser to get a sexy, smoky flavor.

  • UNBELIEVABLE BATTERY LIFE – USB RECHARGEABLE – JoChef smoke infuser last for HOURS at a time. Recharge the battery via USB as needed. Use the portable, handheld smoker, to transform dinners, cocktails parties, or BBQ's into a 5-star affair. Our smoky little secret makes Haute cuisine easier than ever!

  • APPLEWOOD CHIPS INCLUDED – so you can get smokin’ right away! The slightly sweet, fruity flavor pairs well with delicate meats, cheese, and cocktails. The food smoking machine emits a swirl of cold smoke that is easily absorbed into the food or beverage of your choice.

  • PROFESSIONAL HANDHELD SMOKER – JoChef 2 in 1 Vacuum Food Saver and Smoker Gun is made with Solid Aluminum, and the hose is specialized Silicone. All parts can be cleaned in warm soapy water. The JoChef professional food smoker comes with a 1-year guarantee. Add that Je ne sais quoi to all your gourmet creations.


"Been making all kinds of great creme brûlée after buying this torch. Buy one and don’t look back!"

Ortega J.

"The product is really nice, I love the feel. It’s very robust and does not feel flimsy or cheap."

Stephanie R.

"This kitchen torch works great and has its own stand! It’s very easy to use and it helps in many areas not just in the kitchen!"

Mary E.

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